Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun?

Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun?

Good morning everyone and above all, HAPPY 2018, the year could not have started differently except with a brand new article that will try to help simplify the search for the location for your wedding in the Mayan Riviera.

To make things easier it is always good to have a specific date and a budget, I say this for a long series of factors: first of all the Riviera Maya is one of the most crowded tourist destinations in the world so if I receive the email from a person who asks me “how much I would spend for example for a wedding between January and April, 30 people, full menu, DJ …” I can not answer or better I’ll say that I need more details.

The range of options regarding the location for the wedding here is great, so I illustrate and constantly update my customers on the latest and most exclusive offers. Knowing a budget would be easier for me because I already know what to exclude and what to propose as well as by knowing the date required, I can inform you about the availability of the location considering, moreover, that the locations themselves sometimes vary in price according to the season or the day that can be weekday or holiday.

A customer who asks me for a vague quote without details, therefore leads to wasting time both, because he will never have a real price from me as he will never have precise names of location since, once the fateful date has been communicated, it may have already been taken from another couple and then we should start from the beginning to build a quote based on “let’s put this case”.

Regarding the choice of where precisely in the Riviera Maya you want to celebrate the wedding I want to help by giving you some indications:
First of all, the marriage is divided into two streets: Spiaggia or Cenote. If your choice falls on the “cenote”, it will be easier to decide because the “cenote” are numerically smaller than the location on the beach, so it will be my concern to show you some options to choose from.

If the choice will be the beach then we really have to try to tighten the field as much as possible with the budget, the date and the tastes of the customer, because otherwise it could take months to define the place!
Being the Riviera Maya airport in Cancun, it is very, very rare that you go to hold a ceremony over Tulum, which is about 130 km from Cancun.

Cancun is a beautiful city but for the most part those who get married here do it in a luxury resort and hotel; Cancun does not offer particular locations such as pristine or private beaches. I confess that very few people ask me to get married in Cancun.

Playa Del Carmen is synonymous with entertainment, a new city that is always growing and transforming, offering an unprecedented nightlife.
Playa Del Carmen is full of all sorts of situations for a wedding, there are beaches nearby and beach clubs that can allow spouses and their guests to enjoy a private wedding without discovering then in the photos, against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery where the newlyweds pose, unknown persons in bathing suits!

People like to get married in Playa because in the days before or after the ceremony they can enjoy the fun that the city offers, from an impromptu bachelorette party (or organized by Pride Maya Weddings) to Quinta Avenida (the main street, parallel to sea), to a carefree evening in some nice and cheap restaurant to the classy one in some chic restaurant on a roof of a building with an ocean view.

Playa del Carmen really agrees with everyone so it’s always the first place I invite you to consider for the bride and groom.
Tulum is nothing short of magnificent because among the 3 is the most pristine, the destination with “less cement” but with more history and charm. Tulum has something magical, hypnotic, in fact many people are pressing to get married here. Its beach is the best but at the same time, for those who decide to stop and sleep, will regret the night life of Playa Del Carmen. I invite anyone to visit, even those who decide to stay in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen absolutely must see it and spend at least a day because the words limit its beauty.

With this first, concise and sincere article of the year, I hope once again to have been useful to you by asking you to ask anything you think about the marriages on the Riviera Maya.

See you at the next article,Lorenzo

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