LGBT Weddings in Riviera Maya

LGBT Weddings in Riviera Maya

We are pleased to announce to all our friends, readers and fans that our Pride Maya Weddings website is complete and functional. Do you have to arrange a gay wedding on the Riviera Maya? We make available to the LGBT community all sorts of ceremonies, from the maya ceremony on the beach or cenote, to the symbolic one to renew the faiths. For all your needs, Lorenzo is the LGBT’s wedding organizer for you.

We will use this Blog section to announce news, publish news or interesting facts. We will also publish photos and stories of the weddings and events we will be organizing.

As is well explained at various points in the site, in Pride Maya Weddings we firmly believe in love, the love that unites two people over the gender and the difficulties. For this reason, in addition to dealing with LGBT Marriages in Riviera Maya, we also organize events for heterosexual couples.

You can comment on our posts, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter, if you have any questions. Often people wonder if gay marriages are legal in Mexico, whether we can organize religious gay marriage, or the times for a LGBT civil marriage. We are ready to give you all the answers to your curiosity, do not forget that we also organize wedding proposals, bachelor and bachelorette gay parties, romantic dinners, trash the dress. We can give you advice or make an estimate without commitment. Just contact us.

Almost forgot, we still do not specify it well on the site (follow our page, it will grow up in the coming months) but the places where we can arrange marriages are wonderful, whether they are beaches, in Tulum, near Playa del Carmen or on the Riviera Maya, Cenote, who for those who do not know it are natural freshwater formations that create a series of subterranean rivers throughout this part of the peninsula, and are mostly scattered in the jungle, or luxurious Haciendas or Hotels.

So I just have to welcome you and thank all of you for accompanying me and my staff in this adventure. Remember, any questions about LGBT or heterosexual marriages, information about the different ceremonies we can organize, the services we can offer, the organization costs, just get in touch.

See you soon !!!

True love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is the acceptance of all that is, it was, will or will not be. The happiest people are not necessarily the ones who have the best of everything, but those who make the most of what they have. Life is not a question of how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain. (Gibran)

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